10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2017

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Which are the real GROWTH trends in food and health?

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Our annual trend survey, now in its 20th year, gives you the answers.

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Meat still beats the plant-based trend

Meat still beats the plant-based trend

Screamin Sicilian pizza was the 6th most-successful new product in America in 2016, earning $73.2 million in first-year sales.

The secret of its success? Meat. And lots of it. It has made a big hit thanks to meat-laden recipes with names like Boss Hog, Three Little Piggies and Mother of Meat.

There is no vegetarian or vegan option in the product range. The plant-based foods trend has yet to reach the Screamin Sicilian customer.

In fact two of the 10 most-successful new products launched in America in 2016 were meat brands. Their success is particularly striking given the claims by researchers and journalists that Americans – and millenials in particular – are lowering their meat consumption. In fact, there were no plant-based foods among the most-successful new launches of 2016.

And not all millenials are avoiding wheat, gluten and dairy. Screamin Sicilian make no concession to fashionable fears about gluten or any of the other ‘free-froms’.

Nor is everyone driven by clean label fever. Screamin Sicilian pizzas have on average over 40 ingredients, including many that we are told that people reject, such as:

  • Partially hydrogenated oils
  • Sugar
  • Wheat gluten
  • butylated hydroxyanisole
  • butylated hydroxytoluene

Yet their presence on the label has been no barrier to Screamin Sicilian’s success. It’s a reminder that people are willing to compromise – or overlook – a lot of things for a product that tastes great, is convenient and sold at a good price.

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