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If you have any doubts about the growth potential of the fermented foods trend, dismiss them now. The sign that fermentation has reached its tipping point came with the decision by PepsiCo, the world’s second-biggest food and beverage company, to acquire fermented drinks maker KeVita.

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Recent Case Studies Unilever and Danone drive record growth in non-dairy desserts Despite the fact that, measured on a price per litre basis, non-dairy ice-cream sells at a 400% price premium to regular dairy ice cream, sales of non-dairy ice creams have exploded in the United States over the last year. read more The unstoppable force of key trends Looking at supermarket sales is always a good way to see how trends actually play out in practice. read more The secret of bigger margins and new consumer appeal Convenience is key to success in every category, from dairy to vegetables. It’s key if you want to sell your product in on-the-go retail channels, such as convenience stores, gas stations and cafés at airports and rail stations. read more Coffee gurus plan to brew up a new category It’s a small category, with sales of branded products at retail totaling perhaps $30 million. But it’s fast growing, it appeals to millenials’ love of the new and “artisanal” and it is well placed to meet people’s desire for “natural energy”. Cold-brewed coffee has some way to go to prove that it has staying power, but from Starbucks to start-ups, there’s a big effort to make it work. read more ‘Miracle’ tiger nut debuts as drinks and snacks Organic Gemini is on a fast growth track with its platform of nutrient-dense tiger nut products. Little-known in the US, the tiger nut is the basis for drinks, foods and fermented products in many parts of the world, and Organic Gemini’s founders believe Americans will embrace its high-fibre, prebiotic qualities. read more Fresh focus for turmeric start-up For most start-ups, the most effective way to develop the best possible product is launch and learn – and don’t be afraid to completely reinvent your proposition based on the response of the market. After totally rethinking its brand, Arya believes it has its premium-priced turmeric beverage pointed in the right direction. read more Sports inspires fast-growing fruit snack Bananas are, by far, the most popular fruit with Americans. Mostly they’re consumed fresh, and some dried – but not much in between. But entrepreneur and former professional triathlete Caue Suplicy has found a way to turn waste bananas into a premium-priced, convenient snack. read more Sun’s harmful rays yield potent ingredient from apples By harnessing potentially harmful atmospheric conditions and a waste stream of apple solids, a biotech start-up has created a nutritional ingredient that goes way beyond the bowel-regularity applications typical of fibre-based ingredients. read more Beyond mass retail: brands embrace home delivery Americans are changing how and where they spend their grocery money. Revenues are down in traditional grocery retailers, in part thanks to the rise of new direct-to-consumer distribution channels such as meal kits – a channel that’s small now, but one some manufacturers feel they can’t ignore. read more
Companies taking a different approach to success

Companies taking a different approach to success

The UK’s biggest and most important food & drink trade show – International Food & Drink Event – was this year all about vegan, 100% natural, free-from and low in sugar. In the middle of this environment-friendly, sustainability and free-from craze, there were a few companies that stood out.

Oumph! Founded in 2015 in Sweden, Oumph already has sales of about $6 million (€5.5 million). When asked what makes this company different, Djani Skrgo “Master of Key Relations” says, “Even though we produce vegan products, we are not a vegan company. We’re not trying to target vegans. Nobody’s perfect – in fact, almost nobody of our employees is vegan. We’re only trying to decrease our meat consumption and encourage that in others. We’re trying to create a new food logic and make people think about our planet.”

Oumph is retailed in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. “We’re currently active 50% in food service and 50% in retail and we’re here at IFE to find the right partner to expand in the UK. We believe that we have a unique product thanks to the long fibers which makes the texture and taste very similar to animal protein”, Skrgo said.

And he wasn’t lying – the small bites they were offering at the show truly did taste like meat.

What A Melon. Even though there were plenty of fun products and stands, it didn’t compare to the What A Melon stand. If it was an Instagram picture, this would be the caption: When you’re trying to run a business but also wanna have fun.

The entire stand was very simple and fun: one disco ball, bright colours, great music, employees on roller skates, and no messages whatsoever on any posters.

They were not attracting visitors with the now popular free-from claims, but with simplicity and an escape from their everyday activities. Visitors were asked to hula hoop and dance with them – everyone was taking pictures and What A Melon was not having trouble with getting attention and promotion.

“There are so many coconut waters around, but a lot of people have a problem with the taste. Watermelon is an alternative. It has all the electrolytes as coconut water which makes it a great hydrator. It also has lycopene which is great for the heart. Last March, we were the first to launch a tetra pack watermelon water in the world and we’re hoping to launch a 1L size bottle soon,” Will Rhys said.

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