12 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2014

Published every year since 1996, our 12 Key Trends is the only trends analysis that enables you to differentiate enduring trends from short-term fads and understand how to use them successfully in your strategy. That’s because our methodology, shown in the report in our unique Trend Diamond, ensures that we take into account every single factor that drive a trend’s evolution – from ingredients and science through to consumer needs and sales figures.
102 pages
340 slides

December 2013 / January 2014

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What makes a Key Trend?

Key Trend 1: “Naturally functional” the biggest trend
Key Trend 2: Dairy 2.0 – dairy’s re-birth as a natural whole food
Key Trend 3: Protein beyond the tipping point
Key Trend 4: Energy – an unstoppable global trend
Key Trend 5: “Weight Wellness” – consumer thinking re-defines a market
Key Trend 6: The snackification of everything
Key Trend 7: Slow release energy – a new frontier
Key Trend 8: The demonization of sugar
Key Trend 9: Permission to indulge – a very smart strategy
Key Trend 10: Free-from, the consumer-lead trend
Key Trend 11: Seniors – opportunity for science and smaller companies
Key Trend 12: Communication, indulgence and naturalness key to kids success


Chart 1: The Trend Diamond – What does it mean?
Chart 2: The nutritional product life cycle
Chart 3: The Naturally functional Trend Diamond
Chart 4: The Naturally functional product life cycle
Chart 5: The Dairy 2.0 Trend Diamond
Chart 6: The Dairy 2.0 life cycle
Chart 7: The Protein Trend Diamond
Chart 8: The Protein life cycle
Chart 9: The Energy Trend Diamond
Chart 10: The Energy life cycle
Chart 11: Energy drinks are premium-priced but daily dose energy shots are super-premium
Chart 12: The unstoppable rise of the energy drink market
Chart 13: The Weight Wellness Trend Diamond
Chart 14: The Weight wellness life cycle
Chart 15: “Stand-alone” weight management brands have struggled more and more
Chart 16: Sports nutrition has become a sub-sector of weight management
Chart 17: Decline and fall of a weight management mega-brand
Chart 18: The Snacking Trend Diamond
Chart 19: The Snacking life cycle
Chart 20: The Slow Energy Trend Diamond
Chart 21: The more overt the “pre-diabetes” message the more niche the product; the more you focus on
“sustained energy”, the bigger and more mainstream the potential market
Chart 22: The Free-from Trend Diamond
Chart 23: The Free-from life cycle
Chart 24: The Seniors Trend Diamond
Chart 25: The Seniors life cycle
Chart 26: Demographics of Europe mean in future, food & health market = senior nutrition
Chart 27: Ageing populations are here now – even in Asia-Pacific
Chart 28: The Kids nutrition Trend Diamond
Chart 29: The Kids nutrition life cycle


Table 1: “Natural” and clean label claims on products launched in Europe
Table 2: “Natural” and clean label claims on products launched in North America
Table 3: Dairy 1.0 versus Dairy 2.0
Table 4: Article 13 health claims passed by EFSA and set to be approved for use in Europe


Case study 1: Making natural a brand identity, not just a label claim
Case study 2: Daisy shows Dairy 2.0 in action – a razor-sharp focus on clean label and natural nutrition sends sales soaring for traditional dairy products
Case study 3: High-protein yoghurt for men
Case study 4: Nature Valley’s natural identity legitimises protein
Case study 5: Thinkthin bars’ wellness platform resonates with women
Case study 6: Unilever’s weight management strategy an expensive failure
Case study 7: Go Go squeeze fruit snack

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