Key trends in the business of dairy nutrition

The dairy industry has always been at the cutting edge of innovation in nutrition and health. Dairy, more than any other category, is perfectly positioned to profit from the most important consumer trends.
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October 2014

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About this report

Using 15 case studies from around the world, this Powerpoint report shows how dairy brands are making a success of marketing “naturally-functional” health benefits, the advantages of protein, sugar-reduction, digestion, immunity and weight-wellness.

It provides inspiration for anyone intending to use dairy either as an ingredient or as a whole food, allowing them to connect to the most important consumer trends to create successful products.


Key Trend 1: Naturally Functional
Key Trend 2: Dairy 2.0       
Key Trend 3: Protein          
Key Trend 4: Digestive health       
Key Trend 5: Weight wellness       
Key Trend 6: Snacking       
Key Trend 7: Slow energy  
Key Trend 8: Sugar 
Key Trend 9: Permission to indulge         
Key Trend 10: Free-from   
Key Trend 11: Seniors        
Key Trend 12: Kids’ nutrition       
Key Trend 13: Immunity   
Key Trend 14: Bones & Movement

Case Study 1: Focus on clean label and natural nutrition sends sales soaring for Daisy dairy brand           
Case Study 2: First Milk takes Quark from Scandinavia to the UK         
Case Study 3: Fonterra shows high protein dairy can become a basis for new types of dairy snacks          
Case Study 4: Activia – the world’s most successful dairy digestive health brand      
Case Study 5: Quaker blends oats with dairy and reinvents a traditional food as healthy snack      
Case Study 6: Danone targets mass market with high-protein snack yoghurt 
Case Study 7: Alpura tests dairy’s role in diabetes prevention  
Case Study 8: OSO takes an entrepreneurial approach to dairy + grains slow energy           
Case Study 9: Emmi uses lactose-free technology to achieve sugar reduction 
Case Study 10: TruMoo - permission to indulge gives chocolate milk new life
Case Study 11: Mengnui’s milk for the healthy over-50s           
Case Study 12: Fonterra Calciyum in Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand
Case Study 13: Danone Actimel – the world’s biggest immunity brand           
Case Study 14: Fonterra Anlene measures the bone-health benefit     
Case Study 15: Danone Densia educates consumers about bone health benefits

List of charts, tables

Chart 1: Dairy trends and the nutritional product life cycle      
Chart 2: Lifeway Foods sales growth 2005-2012
Chart 3: Changes in body weight during Diogenes study           
Chart 4: Activia sales 2001-2012  
Chart 5: Decline and fall of a weight management mega-brand           
Chart 6: The unstoppable decline of SlimFast      
Chart 7: Global need for breakfast on-the-go       
Chart 8: Quaker sales surge on introduction of convenient oats product
Chart 9: Oat + dairy snacks earn super-premium prices
Chart 10: Price comparison for Danio       
Chart 11: Correct market positioning is essential
Chart 12: TruMoo may be the most successful kids dairy brand ever launched         
Chart 13: Where the lactose-free opportunity sits on the nutritional products lifecycle        
Chart 14: Demographics of Europe mean in future food & health market = senior nutrition           
Chart 15: Ageing populations are here now – even in Asia-Pacific        
Chart 16: Where the seniors opportunity sits on the nutritional products lifecycle
Chart 17: Actimel’s sales growth 1994-2012 (not at retail prices)

Table 1: Ingredients list for OSO Raspberry         
Table 2: TruMoo nutrition facts panel  
Table 3: Top-5 health concerns for children




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