10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2015

The New Nutrition Business 10 Key Trends is the only trend analysis dedicated to the business of food and health and the only one that will help you spot the difference between an enduring trend and a fad. The 10 Key Trends present a mass of innovation and renovation opportunities for both big brands and entrepreneurial brands. For ingredient companies they help to make you as knowledgeable as your customers are.
120 pages
360 slides

November/December 2014

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About this report

In 2015 ingredients and brands that are “naturally functional” are surging, along with “good grains” and protein, while dairy is able to take advantage of its naturally health advantages as never before. Old weight management business models are failing, start-ups are carving new niches, low-fat eating is facing a long, slow death and every company that can is fighting for a piece of the snacking market.

The 10 Key Trends analysis uses clear and simple writing and a wealth of charts to help you make well-informed decisions about these big shifts.


10 Key Trends 2015
10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2015
Key Trend 1: Naturally functional – the strongest foundation for success
Key Trend 2: Snackification – paradise for start-ups, innovation without limits
Key Trend 3: Weight Wellness – market shifts mean opportunity for entrepreneurs
Key Trend 4: Protein – powered by “naturally functional”
Key Trend 5: Good carbs, bad carbs – the steady rise of good grains
Key Trend 6: Dairy 2.0 – making the most of dairy’s natural advantages
Key Trend 7: Free-from – the normalization of avoidance
Key Trend 8: Sugar – the new dietary demon?
Key Trend 9: A long, slow death for low fat?
Key Trend 10: Digestive wellness – the secret driver of other trends?

Chart & Tables

Chart 1: The Trend Diamond – What does it mean?
Chart 2: The Nutritional Product Life Cycle
Chart 3: Naturally Functional strategy propels Blue Diamond Almonds
Chart 4: Chia connects to multiple key trends
Chart 5: Quinoa connects to several key trends
Chart 6: The Naturally Functional Trend Diamond
Chart 7: The Naturally Functional life cycle
Chart 8: Breakfast is the meal most often replaced by a snack
Chart 9: The rise and fall of Special K’s weight management snacks business - sales plunge as the trend shifts
Chart 10: Blue Diamond Nut Thins - snacking powered by Naturally Functional + Free-From
Chart 11: Price comparison for oats pots
Chart 12: Belvita - a disruptive innovation and NPD unconstrained by “old” thinking powers the snackification of breakfast
Chart 13: Price comparison for Krave meat snacks
Chart 14: The Snacking Trend Diamond
Chart 15: The Snacking Life Cycle
Chart 16: The top health concerns for consumers in south Asia
Chart 17: In America even the mighty Special K brand is hit by Weight Wellness shifts. Will the decline continue?
Chart 18: The unstoppable decline of Slim-Fast
Chart 19: The Weight Wellness Trend Diamond
Chart 20: The Weight Wellness Life Cycle
Chart 21: The Protein Trend Diamond
Chart 22: The Protein Life Cycle
Chart 23: The Good Carbs, Bad Carbs Trend Diamond
Chart 24: The Good Carbs, Bad Carbs Life Cycle
Chart 25: Daisy Dairy Sour Cream sales 2009-2014
Chart 26: The Dairy 2.0 Trend Diamond
Chart 27: The Dairy 2.0 Life Cycle
Chart 28: Launches in North America of new products claiming “gluten-free” – 2010 and 2013 compared
Chart 29: Launches in Europe of new products claiming “gluten-free” – 2010 and 2013 compared
Chart 30: The Free-from Trend Diamond
Chart 31: The Free-from Life Cycle
Chart 32: Obesity rates and sugar consumption compared
Chart 33: The Sugar Trend Diamond
Chart 34: The Sugar Life Cycle
Chart 35: The Fat Trend Diamond
Chart 36: The Fat Life Cycle
Chart 37: Digestive health stays big in Japan
Chart 38: The Digestive Trend Diamond
Chart 39: The Digestive Life Cycle

Table 1: Dairy 1.0 versus Dairy 2.0
Table 2: DR.X “self-experiment” results (2014)


Box 1: Clean label – it’s a hygiene factor now, not a trend
Box 2: Fast Energy – the days of opportunity are over
Box 3: Chia gives a health halo
Box 4: Quinoa benefits from the bold marketing of lifestyle brands
Box 5: Protein has undergone a 15-year evolution
Box 6: Arla’s Wing-Co drink offers 40% more protein
Box 7: Danone Danio fights hunger
Box 8: Ambrosial Greek gets started in China
Box 9: Kraft packages protein “trinity”
Box 10: Return of the doctor
Box 11: Protein trend driven by fast-evolving science
Box 12: Quorn Brand architecture UK
Box 13: Bread and potato sales falling
Box 14: The power of “sustained energy” trumps carb concerns
Box 15: Weight management research favours good grains – and drives innovation focus
Box 16: Big brands in denial over whole grains?
Box 17: Taking quark from Scandinavia to the UK
Box 18: New image, new opportunities for butter
Box 19: Science increasingly debunks negatives about dairy and health – and underscores the positives
Box 20: Chipotle makes free-from easy
Box 21: Attention to taste boosts gluten-free sales for Nairns
Box 22: Gluten-free retail sales trends
Box 23: Gluten-free becoming a reassurance message
Box 24: Why avoid gluten?
Box 25: World’s first FODMAP food range gains ground in Australia
Box 26: The lactose-free dairy market is small but growing fast
Box 27: Gluten-free by home-delivery
Box 28: Castus success
Box 29: Dental and nutrition experts call for radical rethink on sugar
Box 30: US soda battles with “strong headwinds”
Box 31: Mexico’s ground-breaking tax on sodas has instant effect on sales
Box 32: Changing opinions on fat
Box 33: Surprising results of higher-fat diets
Box 34: Digestive health a “wellness” issue, not a medical issue
Box 35: Science will increase importance of gut health
Box 36: Activia growing fast in China using same model that proved successful in the West



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