Redefining Healthy Snacking

20 Case Studies in Growth and Innovation

Innovation in healthy snacking is at the dawn of a new era of opportunity. Consumers will consider anything as a snack, which is why snacking is now a part of every company’s strategy. And they are willing to be very experimental with flavours, ingredients, product formats and textures. New types of snack are growing fast, while also charging super-premium prices. Entrepreneurial start-ups are reinventing tired categories, from meat snacks to cakes.
139 pages

April 2015

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About this report

This 139-page report sets out the five success factors of healthy snacking strategy. It provides practical insights and examples for companies large or small aiming to create a successful snacking proposition.

It shows how companies are creating new categories using new ingredients and reinventing tired brands – often going beyond the predictable to give consumers something they didn’t know they wanted.

The 20 Case Studies detail the strategies companies have adopted to succeed in snacking:

  • Ingredients
  • Nutrition profiles
  • Marketing messages
  • Product communications
  • Pricing strategies


Executive Summary

1. Snacking is everywhere
1.1 Snacking redefines food and beverage strategy
1.2 A wealth of opportunities for start-ups and entrepreneurs
1.3 Fragmentation is creating snacking opportunities
1.4 Brand positioning in healthy snacking

2. The five factors of successful snacking strategy

3. Marketing and distribution strategy for healthier snacks
3.1 Distribution
3.2 Sampling

Part II: Case Studies
Case Study 1: Kind Bars – super-premium free-from brand shakes up bar market
Case Study 2: Beanitos – beans power high-nutrition, low-GI “snacks of the future”
Case Study 3: ThinkThin – guilt-free, gluten-free indulgent protein brand edges into breakfast
Case Study 4: Nakd bars – Free-from and natural brand reshapes bar category
Case Study 5: Blue Diamond – making the most of almond’s health halo
Case Study 6: Way Better Snacks brand sparks market for sprouted grain
Case Study 7: Chia Pods – making trendy seed convenient
Case Study 8: Hummus keeps growing as market nears $1 billion
Case Study 9: Woats-trepreneur’s mission to inspire kids propels success of snacks
Case Study 10: Soreen – slow “squidgy” energy delivers fast revival for old brand
Case Study 11: Nairns – no limit on reimagining oats
Case Study 12: Epic – “convenient meat” bar targets paleo diet market
Case Study 13: Krave – healthy meat snack wins over women and athletes
Case Study 14: Insects – innovating beyond consumers’ imaginings is key to success
Case Study 15: Belvita – disruptive innovation and breakfast snackification
Case Study 16: Oat So Simple transforms traditional breakfast with convenience
Case Study 17: Fruigees – Millennials spot potential of pouch for adult snacks
Case Study 18: Annie’s – promising marriage of big business and recession-proof kids innovator
Case Study 19: Popchips hopes mass market will put snap back into sales
Case Study 20: How Frito-Lay’s fruit and vegeatable snack brand ambitions fell to earth



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