The next big opportunity in snacking

Five steps to success in seaweed

Seaweed is a rare example of an opportunity "to get in at Day One of a new growth market" for snacks. Launches of seaweed snack products are proliferating in North America and Europe. In the US, sales of seaweed snacks already outstrip those of kale. Seaweed is a naturally-healthy plant-based ingredient, with a range of natural nutritional advantages and impeccable “sustainability” credentials. These features are gaining it growing media coverage, and the attention of health-conscious consumers who are looking for an interesting new snack.
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September 2015

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About this report

If you want to successfully innovate in snacking, this 47-page report shows you how. It sets out five steps to best position, market, price and distribute seaweed snacks. The report provides practical insights for companies large or small aiming to create a successful seaweed snack brand. Snapshots of key brands in the US and Europe provide real-world examples of products, marketing and communications for seaweed snacks.


1. Seaweed snacking already bigger than kale

2. Five steps to creating a successful seaweed brand
2.1 Identify the target consumers for seaweed snacks
2.2 Find the best positioning for seaweed snacks
2.3 Use the right marketing communications for seaweed
2.4 Get your pricing strategy right
2.5 Use the best distribution channels for seaweed snacks

3. Seaweed in the US
3.1 A category poised for growth

4. Seaweed in Europe
4.1 Millennials spur renewed interest in seaweed
4.2 Huge growth predicted in seaweed snacks
4.3 Seaweed and health claims in Europe
4.4 Seaweed farming is the future in Europe?

5. Brand Snapshots
5.1 Annie Chun’s
5.2 Ocean’s Halo
5.3 GimMe Organic
5.4 SeaSnax
5.5 Itsu Grocery
5.6 Selwyn’s Seaweed



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