10 Key Trends in the Business of Dairy Nutrition

The only trends that matter are the ones that give you opportunities to secure lasting growth for your business. This report sets out the 10 most important growth opportunities in the business of dairy nutrition, highlighting some key white spaces for better margins and additional volume.
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November 2016

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About this report

Using 20 detailed case studies from Europe, the US, South America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia, the report shows how companies are launching new products and reinventing old brands to successfully connect to the trends.

As science increasingly shows that there are no negatives to dairy fat – and maybe many positives – dairy is at the dawn of a re-birth as a naturally healthy whole-food. This report is a strategy tool for anyone in dairy brands or dairy ingredients who wants to take advantage of these positive shifts in science and the wealth of new product opportunities.


1. How do we identify the Key Trends?
2. Summary
3. The 10 Key Trends

Key Trend 1 Snackification
Key Trend 2 Fat/sugar
Key Trend 3 Cheese
Key Trend 4 Protein
Key Trend 5 Digestive Wellness
Key Trend 6 Dairy-free
Key Trend 7 Permission to Indulge
Key Trend 8 Premiumisation
Key Trend 9 Digital Revolution
Key Trend 10 Hello Savory

Case Study 1: Moon Cheese - a snacking strategy to create a new category for long shelf-life cheese
Case Study 2: Lala drinking yoghurt aims to expand Americans’ healthy snacking repertoire
Case Study 3: Noosa shows how successful full-fat yoghurt can be
Case Study 4: Annie’s converts parents to the benefits of full-fat yoghurt
Case Study 5: Sargento Balanced Breaks - Cheese reinvented as a naturally healthy whole food snack
Case Study 6: Good Culture leverages the protein benefits of cottage cheese
Case study 7: L-Men - connecting to protein can be a successful strategy for niches in Asia
Case Study 8: Premium pricing no barrier to success for P3 Portable Protein Pack
Case Study 9: A2 Milk - a digestive wellness business
Case Study 10: Ades soy milk and juice in Brazil
Case study 11: Coconut Collaborative takes the non-dairy challenge to yoghurt to the next level
Case Study 12: Ben & Jerry’s enters the non-dairy ice-cream market
Case Study 13: The Collective: permissible indulgence + good marketing
Case Study 14: Yasso frozen Greek yogurt desserts “a little bit of indulgence”
Case Study 15: Souvenaid, a medicalised dairy drink profiting from an e-commerce focus
Case Study 16: A Spanish dairy combines sport milk with mobile app
Case Study 17: Vigor introduces Brazil to savory Greek yogurt
Case Study 18: Chobani - a mass-market brand introduces savory yoghurts
Case Study 19: Chaat – a start-up in savory yoghurt snacks with global flavours
Case Study 20: Sohha savory yogurts bring Mediterranean flavours to dairy snacking

List of charts, tables

Chart 1: We test the trends on 8 key parameters
Chart 2: Where the dairy trends sit on the product lifecycle
Chart 3: Successful brands connect to several key trends
Chart 4: Snacking transforms commodities into a value-added, high-margin business
Chart 5: Dairy pioneered single-serve convenience 25 years ago
Chart 6: Cheese is the next big snacking opportunity
Chart 7: Lala competitively priced to drive growth
Chart 8: Fat and sugar content of yoghurt brands, UK
Chart 9: Sugar vs fat content (g/100g) in yogurt, US
Chart 10: Fat and sugar content of yoghurt brands, the Netherlands
Chart 11: Noosa’s super-premium pricing no barrier to success
Chart 12: Annie’s price comparison
Chart 13: There is growth potential for cheese in many countries
Chart 14: Cheese to catch up with yoghurt
Chart 15: Premium pricing strategy has not hindered growth
Chart 16: Good Culture is premium-priced
Chart 17: Oscar Mayer P3 price comparison
Chart 18: The upward march of A2 Milk
Chart 19: Dairy alternative market size and growth rate
Chart 20: Where is non-dairy most popular?
Chart 21: Dairy giant Danone commits to growing the non-dairy market
Chart 22: Dairy giant Danone commits to growing the embryonic non-dairy yoghurt and desserts markets
Chart 23: Coconut Collaborative is premium priced
Chart 25: Ben & Jerry’s non dairy ice cream price comparison
Chart 26: Super-premium pricing is no barrier to success
Chart 27: Premium-priced niches growing as low-cost “volume market” falls
Chart 28: “Niches” set to become 30% of the market by 2020
Chart 29: Digital Revolution drivers
Chart 30: Chobani savoury yogurts are premium priced
Chart 31: Chaat savory yogurts are premium-priced

Table 1: Nutrition snapshot, Cheddar Moon Cheese
Table 2: Nutrition snapshot, Pepper Jack Moon Cheese
Table 3: Nutrition snapshot, Lala yogurt smoothie – vanilla
Table 4: Nutrition snapshot, Lala yogurt smoothie – wild strawberry
Table 5: Nutrition snapshot, Noosa full-fat yogurt – Coconut
Table 6: Nutrition snapshot, noosa full-fat yogurt – Passion fruit
Table 7: Nutrition snapshot, Annie’s whole milk yogurts – Vanilla
Table 8: Nutrition snapshot, Annie’s whole milk yogurts – Berry patch
Table 9: Nutrition snapshot, Balanced Breaks
Table 10: Nutrition snapshot, Good Culture
Table 11: Nutrition snapshot, P3 Nut Clusters
Table 12: Common claims used in plant-based milks
Table 13: Nutrition snapshot, Ades soy milk + fruit juice
Table 14: Nutrition snapshot, Ades soy milk + fruit juice, no added sugar
Table 15: Nutrition snapshot, Ades soy milk + fruit juice, kids
Table 16: Nutrition snapshot, Coconut Collaborative yoghurt
Table 17: Nutrition snapshot, Ben & Jerry’s non dairy Chunky Monkey
Table 18: Nutrition snapshot, Ben & Jerry’s non dairy Fudge Brownie
Table 19: Nutrition snapshot, Collective Dairy Russian Fudge
Table 20: Nutrition snapshot, Collective Dairy kids’ Sassy Strawberry Suckies
Table 21: Nutrition snapshot, Yasso blueberry frozen Greek yoghurt
Table 22: Nutrition snapshot, Yasso chocolate fudge frozen Greek yoghurt
Table 23: Nutrition snapshot, Yasso sea salt caramel frozen Greek yoghurt
Table 24: Nutrition snapshot, Sport Life Recovery
Table 25: Nutrition snapshot, Vigor savory Greek yogurt – Black Olives
Table 26: Nutrition snapshot, Chobani Flip Sriracha Mango
Table 27: Nutrition snapshot, Chobani Flip Chipotle Pineapple
Table 28: Nutrition snapshot, Chaat Cucumber Mint
Table 29: Nutrition snapshot, Chaat Mango Chili




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