Fiber for digestive health

October 2010

Digestive health is the biggest growth trend in foods and beverages - and it's the health benefit area with the most untapped opportunities. It's high fiber products that have the most potential - as can be seen from the meteoric success of brands like Fiber One. This report analyses the successes and the failures to enable you to find the most appropriate strategy in your category.

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Organic and all-natural kids’ snacks and baby foods

August 2009

Seven Key Case Studies Health-conscious parents seem committed to continuing to buy healthy food for their children despite the recession, even as they economise in other areas.

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Pom Wonderful: how innovation in science, packaging and branding can create a new superfruit category

April 2010

Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice is the world's most distinctive beverage brand. First launched in 2002 in innovative and eye-catching bottles, its meteoric rise helped create a category which did not previously exist. This all-new Case Study from New Nutrition Business delivers a close-up view of Pom Wonderful's strategy and positioning and the lessons that everyone can learn from this extraordinary brand.

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Innocent Drinks: seven strategy lessons from the setbacks of Europe’s biggest smoothie maker

March 2010

Innocent Drinks rocketed from start-up to over $200 million in retail sales within eight years, creating a new category in Europe – fruit smoothies. But between 2007 and 2009 its sales plunged by 29% and prices were slashed.

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Coconut water: innovation and natural health benefits drive a new category

March 2010

From Brazil to America to Europe: coconut water is the fastest-growing new category, with retail sales already above $450 million (€327.5 million), thanks to its strong isotonic, hypo-allergenic and all-natural health benefits. Using new processing technologies and new brands, start-ups in Germany, the US and elsewhere are growing coconut water sales and getting premium prices. Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, some of Europe’s biggest brewing families and even Madonna have invested in the sector.

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20 Key Case Studies in Functional and Health-Enhancing beverages

January 2010

Using 20 detailed Case Studies of brands addressing a range of benefits – energy, joint health, sports beverages, protein boosting, digestive health, weight management and heart health – this report looks at what makes some functional and health-enhancing brands succeed and what makes others fail. Each Case Study gives our usual independent and opinionated analysis and addresses packaging, choice of ingredients, nutrition profiles, marketing communications, pricing strategies (and why some brands are able to earn premium prices), which consumers buy them and why, all supported with supermarket sales data.

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10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition and Health 2010

December 2009

Our annual forecast of the most important current and future trends gives unrivalled practical insights to help you better shape the future of your business. Delivered to you in pdf or as a powerpoint that you can incorporate into your own presentations, our trends report provides you with broad and deep insights ­ all backed with supermarket sales data and our trademark to-the-point opinions ­ as well as a concise bullet-point summary of each trend and the key success factors.

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Probiotic juice: five key strategy lessons from Europe and the US

October 2009

Case studies in digestive and immune health. Probiotic juice is one of the biggest untapped innovation opportunities in the healthy beverage business, worldwide. The author of this unique report, Julian Mellentin, drawing on case studies from Europe and the US, sets out the five key lessons that are essential reading for anyone who wants succeed in probiotic juice.

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