Who we are
Founded in 1995, New Nutrition Business is the world’s number 1 provider of strategic and market insights into the business of food, nutrition and health with a network of offices in key strategic locations around the world.

From global giants to start-ups, our clients include the world’s most innovative food, beverage and ingredients companies. We conduct primary research and analysis of developments in the global nutrition industry using a network of researchers around the world, interviewing more than 500 senior executives in the industry every year.

We have also developed a range of proprietary tools which allow us to gauge the potential success of trends, ingredients and brands. This approach allows us to identify the best strategies for commercialising nutrition science and creating new products with health benefits.

We create and publish two regular publications – New Nutrition Business and Kids Nutrition Report – which are read by the key influencers in the industry.

As well as our best-selling annual 10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition and Health report, we publish several standalone reports a year on key growth opportunities and strategy insights for nutrition companies, focusing on new and interesting ingredients and trends.

Our consultancy services offer deep-dive research and strategic advice that are tailor made to the specific needs of each company.

Our key goal is to provide food and drink companies with insights that are above all practical and useable, and that can help their business strategy.

Our products

We publish 2 regular subscription publications:

New Nutrition Business – published 11 times a year, includes features, reports and case studies

Kids Nutrition Report – quarterly report with case studies and insights into the global market for children’s nutrition products

Apart from our subscription publications, we are best known for our 10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health reports, where we cover trends which provide a growth opportunity for companies, and will endure over the medium to longer term.

The 10 Key Trends report is published annually, and details our view of 10 most influential trends from the coming year which are likely to present the greatest opportunities for customers, or are most likely to impact their business over the longer term.

We also publish a number of standalone reports and case studies throughout the year. These reports tend to focus on a particular ingredient, trend or innovation in the nutrition industry, and explore a particularly interesting business opportunity emerges. Past examples include Redefining Healthy Snacking, The Snackification of Breakfast, Failures in Functional Foods and Beverages and more.