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Strategy Briefing: Nootropics – strategies and ingredients to deliver success in an emerging market
More and more people are turning to foods and beverages to boost their memory, focus, attention and energy levels – and, particularly during the pandemic, to manage their mood and wellbeing. Nootropics are substances taken to improve cognitive function or mental performance in healthy people. But while there’s strong consumer demand for their benefits, nootropic brands don’t perform as well as their owners hoped – in fact, most fail. This concise 15-page report explores why that is, highlighting common pitfalls.
Cheese snacking: a game-changing opportunity in health and indulgence
Cheese snacking is one of the biggest opportunities for creative new product development, for business growth and improved profitability. People are increasingly embracing cheese as barriers to consumption fall – it’s no longer demonised for its fat and salt content. Cheese offers people a high-protein, low-sugar alternative to sweet or carb-heavy snacks. Whether you are in the dairy business or the snacking business, this concise report spells out the wealth of ways in which you can make a success with cheese snacking.
20 opportunities to reinvent traditional foods
Most of the success stories in the business of food and health are about people taking a traditional food or ingredient and reinventing it. Companies often ask us how it is that some little-known traditional foods emerge, develop a health halo and become a hit with consumers. This report offers a checklist of the important steps in reinventing a traditional food, and 20 traditional foods with potential to be reinvented.