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20 Key Health Ingredients: What Consumers Say on Social Media
The internet has become the key way for consumers to learn about food, nutrition and health, and to share interesting new ingredients. Whether you are a product developer trying to select new ingredients or an ingredient supplier trying to figure out commercialisation strategy, it’s important to keep an eye on how health ingredients are discussed in social media.
Strategies in healthy snacking
Snackification has become one of the biggest drivers of change and opportunity in the food industry. Snacking, mini-meals and food on-the-go are at the centre of consumer preferences, with novelty-seeking consumers willing to try out new tastes, new ingredients and new product types. Thanks to innovation by both start-ups and big brands, people can buy snack types that would have been almost unimaginable five or 10 years ago. And they are willing to pay a premium if they taste good.
FODMAPS: The next gluten-free?
From Australia to the US to Europe, companies large and small are increasingly offering products that are low-FODMAP or FODMAP-friendly. This report shows how FODMAPS is an opportunity for businesses both large and small. It explains the science, illustrates the trend with media research and nine brand case studies, and sets out the strategies companies can follow to be successful. FODMAPS is an eating pattern that has every chance of becoming as important as gluten-free. It is emerging rapidly and wise companies will take it seriously.