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Strategy Briefing: Seven Healthy Habits for Commercialising Microbiome Science
This 19-page Strategy Briefing shows how companies can pursue new microbiome opportunities in the food, beverage and supplements markets by using Seven Healthy Habits. We have distilled these from the successes and failures of probiotics and prebiotics suppliers over the last 25 years.
Strategy Briefing: Hybrid strategy – harnessing the health halo of plants
A strategy of “hybrid” or “blended” products allows companies to connect to the plant-based trend in a creative way, by offering plant content along with meat, dairy or carbs.  It’s Day 1 of a new product development opportunity which is set for long-term growth and is already showing signs of success.
10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2020
This analysis is where the smartest entrepreneurs, strategists and product developers come when they want to understand how shifting consumer beliefs in health and nutrition will change the market and create opportunities. And this is the only trend analysis that sets out what strategies companies are following and what are the risks and opportunities, to help you make the most-informed decisions.