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"Real food": the strategy that's transforming sports nutrition
Positioning "real food" for sports and fitness is not a future opportunity, it’s an opportunity that has been growing in importance for almost 20 years. This report helps companies develop a "real foods strategy" for their products, by providing a 10-step plan for a successful “Real Food for Sports” strategy, and 10 case studies of products that are successfully harnessing the strategy.
How to succeed with the plant-based food trend
The plant-based foods trend is an opportunity for every type of business – but what’s the best strategy for success? Meat substitutes are attracting intense attention and huge investment, but in fact Caulipower, a cauliflower-based pizza, achieved the same level of sales in its first year as Beyond Meat, despite having only a fraction of Beyond Meat’s resources. Caulipower – and tens of brands like it, from PepsiCo’s Off the Eaten Path to Love Beets – align more closely with what the health-conscious consumer wants
10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2019
This is the most useful report you will read all year. It will enable you to understand the most important shifts in health and nutrition, how they are changing the food and beverage market, and what the opportunities are. The 10 Key Trends report shows you: how the trends are developing – and how they will develop in the future – what strategies companies are following to connect to the trends, what’s emerging that is going to be important, and what’s going to stick around for the long term.