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10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2021
This report is designed to help you develop your own ideas about what your options are, and make well-informed decisions. For two decades, hundreds of companies have used the New Nutrition Business 10 Key Trends as a practical tool to help formulate strategy and innovation planning. Companies from Japan to America, from Australia and New Zealand to Finland and Sweden, from Germany to South Korea, all rely on this document. Companies find themselves returning to 10 Key Trends for guidance and expert opinion over and again.
Strategy Briefing: Nootropics – strategies and ingredients to deliver success in an emerging market
More and more people are turning to foods and beverages to boost their memory, focus, attention and energy levels – and, particularly during the pandemic, to manage their mood and wellbeing. Nootropics are substances taken to improve cognitive function or mental performance in healthy people. But while there’s strong consumer demand for their benefits, nootropic brands don’t perform as well as their owners hoped – in fact, most fail. This concise 15-page report explores why that is, highlighting common pitfalls.
Cheese snacking: a game-changing opportunity in health and indulgence
Cheese snacking is one of the biggest opportunities for creative new product development, for business growth and improved profitability. People are increasingly embracing cheese as barriers to consumption fall – it’s no longer demonised for its fat and salt content. Cheese offers people a high-protein, low-sugar alternative to sweet or carb-heavy snacks. Whether you are in the dairy business or the snacking business, this concise report spells out the wealth of ways in which you can make a success with cheese snacking.