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10 Key Trends Evolution
Podcast: The secret history of cholesterol-lowering foods
Podcast: Beyond meat losses mount
Podcast: A deep dive into plant proteins
Fiber, whole grains top-of-mind for consumers seeking digestive health
Video comparing the sales growth of meat and meat. substitutes
Video about meat sales increase during lockdown
Regenerative agriculture podcast
Meat snack sales outstrip meat substitutes
What's driving plant proteins' success?
10 Key Trends 2019 (Japanese)
Are milk, bread, pasta and meat good or bad for digestion?
Plant-based: how creative NPD made eating vegetables easier than ever before
Catalina Crunch shows that multiple benefits on one product now works much better than in the past
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10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2022
Everyone knows what the trends are in health & nutrition. But New Nutrition Business 10 Key Trends is the only document that identifies the most important growth trends, and spells out the strategies you can use to connect to them – and create success for your business. It is unique in the food and beverage industry.
Strategy Briefing: How health & nutrition trends can create success in the bakery category
With consumers increasingly avoiding carbs and sugar, it’s often claimed that the bakery category is under threat. But bakery has a major competitive advantage in health & wellness, which is its association with pleasure and indulgence. This versatile category is ideally positioned to tap into the most important consumer health interests to deliver new products – and better margins. In this 23-page briefing, we use real life examples to show how brands can negotiate the challenges and opportunities for bakery.
Consumer Briefing: From meatless meals to cutting carbs – a 5-country survey of consumer behaviour in the pandemic year
Consumer behaviour is diverse – and often seemingly contradictory. Foods that improve mental wellbeing and skin health, as well as reducing carbohydrates and increasing fibre intake are high on consumers' priority lists. The 74 charts in this report provide a detailed picture of consumers' beliefs and attitudes about food, diet and nutrition, based on interviews with more than 3,000 consumers in the US, UK, Australia, Spain and Brazil.