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Trending reports
Failures – and what you can learn from them
Failure is back! As economic challenges bite deeper over the next three-to-five years, a willingness to understand and learn from failures will become a super-power for food industry executives.  Even in economic good times, success with a new food product is very rare. In fact, failure is far more common than success, and most products sell on a niche basis with very few ever graduating into the mass market. The smartest people already know that if you study the reasons why food and beverage products fail, then you will learn how to succeed. Unsurprisingly, our failures reports, with their practical guidance on how to avoid the most common mistakes, are massively popular.
Nootropics & Adaptogens: Strategies and ingredients to deliver success in an emergent market
More and more consumers are turning to foods and beverages to boost their memory, focus & attention and energy levels, and to help them sleep and manage their mood. Leading-edge brands have introduced two new buzzwords to describe this space – nootropics and adaptogens. But while there’s strong consumer demand, nootropic & adaptogenic brands mostly don’t perform as well as their owners hoped – in fact, most fail. This concise 22-page report explores why so many brands fail, what the success factors are, highlights the opportunities and how to avoid common pitfalls.
Consumer Briefing: From protein to carbs, mood & mind to nutrient density – a 5-country survey of food & health behaviour
Consumer behaviours and attitudes around food and health grow ever more diverse. Each year, we take a close look at changes and developments in consumer sentiment by asking the consumers themselves, in 5 countries, how they’re eating and why. Based on interviews with 2,633 consumers equally split between the US, UK, Australia, Spain and Brazil.