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Foods for healthy aging: the growth opportunity for the next 20 years
Nutrition for older consumers will be the biggest growth market for the next 20 years, with many unmet needs and multiple opportunities. Older consumers have unique characteristics and there are very specific steps you need to follow to successfully target them. We show how to address these, with five steps to a successful seniors strategy; the seven most relevant benefit platforms and six case studies of brands targeting senior needs – including the lessons learned from each brand. This report draws on our 25 years of experience and sets out all the points using clear graphics, charts and tables.
Consumer food & health attitudes 2024
If you want to link your strategy to the most powerful consumer trends, you need to know what consumers are thinking about how and what they eat.  Our five-country survey, published each year, tracks long-term changes in consumer beliefs about food, nutrition and health. 
10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition and Health 2024
Aligning your business with what consumers really want is the strongest basis for success. But what consumers want is evolving. Our annual report – now in its 25th year – charts the shifting sands of consumer needs, motivation and fashion.