About Kids Nutrition Report

Kids Nutrition Report (KNR) is published quarterly, with a focus on brands, products and ingredients targeting all childhood stages, from infants to teenagers.

The burgeoning global market for children's products offers a wealth of niches and growth opportunities but comes with its own unique set of challenges.

Featuring the same analytical tools developed for NNB, KNR addresses every aspect of the challenging domain of kids' nutrition in the 21st century, from brand strategies to proprietary ingredients and technologies.

Each issue of KNR features unique case studies from the worldwide nutritional marketplace. With analysis on lessons learned from others’ successes and failures, KNR is essential reading for anyone involved in the business of children’s nutrition.

KNR is only available as an additional service to existing license holders of New Nutrition Business

By choosing to add the KNR option to your license package, you will get access to:

  • Quarterly detailed analysis that includes key developments in the industry
  • 8-10 case studies of technologies and brands
  • Each issue available in pdf and Powerpoint formats
  • Our unique database of articles and case studies gathered over 10+ years

What can I expect from Kids Nutrition Report?

  • Practical analysis of the global children’s nutrition market
  • Proven tools and checklists that you can apply to your own business
  • Global overview: every quarter learn what you can apply from the best examples from other markets
  • Case studies: lessons from real companies dealing with real challenges. Packed with useful detail including market share figures, pricing strategy, promotional strategy, merchandising and distribution all the things that you as professionals need to understand
  • Expert analysis and comment: unbiased opinion and comment backed by facts, delivered in a clear, very readable style. Our writers have hands-on expertise in the food industry, or in nutrition and health, or have written about food at a senior level for many years
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