Tailored Consultancy

At New Nutrition Business we understand that every business is unique. Our clients range from large multi-nationals to micro start-ups. We know that what works for one company doesn’t work for another.

That’s why every piece of work we do – big or small – is tailored to each customer and designed to answer their specific questions.

Confidentiality is at the core of our business. We never disclose the names of clients, nor discuss details of projects on which we have worked.

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Which trends should we connect to for success?

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Growth Strategy

What is our best strategy for growth?

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Case Studies

What case studies can we learn from?

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Market Analysis

What can we learn from today’s market?

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White space opportunity

Where are the white space opportunities?

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How do we commercialise nutrition science?

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Distribution & pricing

What are the best distribution and pricing strategies?

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Which ingredients will be successful?

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Brand development

How can we develop and stretch our brand?

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Risk analysis

How do we reduce our risk?

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