About New Nutrition Business

New Nutrition Business is a monthly publication with case studies and strategic analysis of brands, ingredients and technologies.

We give you examples of successes and failures across the globe, spelling out the lessons about what works, and what are the best strategies for creating and launching new products.

What does a subscription to New Nutrition Business give me?

  • 11 issues a year, published monthly, in hard copy and PDF
  • 8 to 10 case studies per issue, providing lessons from real companies dealing with real challenges – analyses include market share figures, pricing strategy, promotion and communications strategy, merchandising and distribution
  • searchable online archive of case studies
  • access to our bestselling annual Key Trends report in the November issue
  • tools and checklists companies can use to develop their own strategies
  • global overview of the healthier food and beverage market
  • expert and unbiased comment and advice in very readable style
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