NNB at Personalised Nutrition Innovation Summit

As the personalised nutrition space has gained traction, wearables and genetic testing platforms have aided an influx of data.

The next step? Developing actionable insights from this data. And you will find actionable insights at the 2nd Annual Personalised Nutrition Innovation Summit, running 5th-6th Dec in London.

New Nutrition Business have been researching personalisation for over 5 years, and market research manager Joana Maricato will be at the Summit to discuss Consumers & Personalised nutrition: key drivers and how they are reshaping the marketplace. Her presentation will cover

  • Who are the personalisation consumers and how much do they understand?
  • What are the key drivers in personalisation, and how are they changing the industry?

Guests will include Lifestyle Start-Ups | Tech Start-Ups | Multinational Nutrition | Data Analytics | Testing & Device Companies | Wearables | Nutrition Companies | Supplement & Ingredient Companies | Retailers

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25+ Speakers for London Summit Include:

  • Alyson Greenhalgh-Ball, Senior Director of Global Health and Wellness, Kellogg Company
  • Nick Popovici, Co-Founder, Vita Mojo 
  • Dr. Jim Kaput, Senior Expert, Nutrition and Metabolic Health, Founder of Vydiant 
  • Nick Holzherr, CEO, Whisk 
  • Chiara Nembrini, Project Manager, Nestlé Research Centre 
  • Professor Barbara Knox, Professor of Psychology, University of Bradford 

We hope you'll be able to join us for what’s shaping up to be an incredible two days of discussion and networking.

There are discounts available for team bookings. Teams of 3+ can expect a 10% discount, and teams of 5+ can expect a 15% discount when you register. We encourage you to bear this in mind whilst booking, as a team of 5 can save up to £1,350 – That’s up to £270 per person!

For any further questions, contact events@kisacoresearch.com