Chocolate with caffeine for a familiar energy boost

Caffeinated chocolate, anyone? We have to admit we were tempted when spotting this in the airport when heading out on a business trip early in the morning a few weeks ago. However, the price, £1.29 ($1.65) for 14g of product, put us off and we opted for a cup of coffee instead.

Source claims to offer the UK’s first caffeinated chocolate, with each 14g bar delivering 50mg of caffeine. With one oat-based and one regular option, the brand appeals to vegan and flexitarian consumers looking for a tasty energy boost to “feed your focus” and “conquer fatigue”.

By combining chocolate, a ‘real food’ that is well-known for boosting mood, and caffeine, whose effects consumers are very familiar with, Source ticks many boxes. It has created a tasty product that is easy for consumers to accept and that allows them to ‘feel the benefit’, and that is one of the most important parts of any mood & mind strategy.

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