AI-powered bar for blood sugar control

A snack bar created by artificial intelligence and backed by Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, aims to build its point of difference on connecting to an emergent consumer trend.

Created by Chilean maker of plant-based foods NotCo, using its AI-powered product development program Giuseppe, the bar was recently launched in Chile and the US. Called NotSnack, it targets blood sugar management with “slow-release carbs that provide sustained energy throughout the day”.

NotSnack delivers, per 45g serve: 16g of protein, 3.9g of fat, 9.2g of dietary fibre and 5.8g of net carbs, of which 2.3g are sugars. The low sugar content is achieved by using Beneo’s Palatinose isomaltulose sweetener, along with maltitol, glycerol and sucralose.

According to NotCo, the bar helps consumers “avoid the sugar crash” and provides long-lasting energy – something that is also helped by the fact that it contains both caffeine and taurine along with 99% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin B6.

Thanks to its complex carbohydrate content, provided by both polydextrose and isomaltulose, the product can be promoted for blood glucose control – an emerging trend that is rising up the NPD agenda of more and more companies (find out more in 10 Key Trends 2024).

Aiming to become “the ChatGPT of food”, NotCo has thus far used its proprietary AI tool to create plant-based alternatives to dairy, meat and mayonnaise. NotSnack marks NotCo’s first venture into the snacking category and its first venture into a category that is not typically animal-based.

“NotCo has been changing for two or three years. This product represents the starting point towards conscious, functional, and sustainable food. It is a glimpse into the future of food, where we merge technology and nutrition to create plant-based foods that go beyond the conventional,” said NotCo’s CEO and co-founder Matias Muchnik about the launch.

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