Concentrated oat milk the future of dairy alternatives?

Claiming to be ”the future of dairy milk alternatives”, British start-up Myom offers a refreshingly innovative alternative to the likes of Oatly and Alpro. Instead of shipping a product that is approximately 90% water in large cartons across the world, Myom offers oat milk concentrate, made with 80% oats, sold in convenient pouches to be mixed with water at home. The recyclable pouches are delivered in a cardboard box small enough to fit through a letterbox. As the brand puts it: “Why lug all that liquid around the country on diesel trucks, when all the water you need for your milk is piped straight to your home anyway?”

Short for Make Your Own Milk, Myom was founded in 2022 by Mike Curtis, who used his 25 years of experience in design and marketing to create the “wonderfully versatile” Myom. The brand is now supported by an experienced team including a former Coca-Cola VP and an NPD specialist with a background at Innocent, Huel and Nestlé.

Myom is promoted as “one of the most sustainable milk alternatives in the world” and claims to have a 90% lower carbon footprint than standard oat milk. We have of course tried it at NNB HQ and can confirm that it’s both delicious and convenient – especially as the product is shelf stable until it’s mixed with water. We also liked being able to decide ourselves if we want skimmed, semi-skimmed or whole oat milk, simply depending on how much water we chose to add.

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