Matcha: Making the old new again

One of the biggest trending ingredients of the past decade is matcha, the powdered green tea with roots in the 1400s Japanese culture. Matcha rose to fame mainly thanks to three key trends:

1. Naturally functional: What people want, more than anything else, is a benefit they perceive as natural and intrinsic to the ingredient. NPD teams’ ability to give natural foods better taste or convenience has been one of the biggest innovation drivers of the past 20 years.

1. Provenance & authenticity: In a world where ingredients can be ‘from anywhere’, people find it reassuring that they come ‘from somewhere’. Matcha is a great example of a traditional food that has been reinvented into a modern success.

3. Mood & mind: More and more consumers are turning to foods and beverages to boost their memory, focus & attention and energy levels, and to help them sleep and manage their mood.

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