Meat and plant trends the focus at Portugal Foods innovation event

Every year our 10 Key Trends report grabs the attention of food, beverage and supplement companies all over the world, interested to learn where the growth opportunities are and what are the drivers of change and success in the industry.

Recently we shared our insights with over 250 people working in the food industry in Portugal during TRENDS 2020. This event was an initiative of Portugal Foods, an association formed in 2008 to promote the competitiveness of Portuguese agriculture and food companies by focusing on innovation and promoting internationalisation.

Portugal Foods invited NNB to present our 10 Key Trends for 2020, inspiring the audience with innovation case-studies and strategies connecting to each key trend.

The attendees were particularly interested in the key trends “Meat Reimagined” and “Plant-based”. A show of hands revealed that most of the audience – about two-thirds - rarely or never had a day with no animal foods. Roughly equal numbers went animal-food-free for a day “at least once a week” and “at least twice a week or more”.

This was a good illustration (despite the small sample) of the fragmentation of consumer attitudes and behaviours, especially when it comes to meat and plant-based foods.

Following NNB’s presentation, four companies shared their journey in different categories and how connecting to key trends has helped them succeed:

  • Salsicharia da Gardunha, a meat processing company, is about to launch a range of on-the-go 100% meat-based snacks, high in protein and low in carbs/sugar.
  • Fish processor Gelpeixe is offering new and ready-to-cook frozen fish options to younger consumers who look for convenient and quick options.
  • Cerealis, a baked goods company with big traditional brands, has reinvented and rebranded some of its staple products to keep consumer interest and has invested in Portuguese carob as the “star ingredient” for new products like cookies or flour mixes to attract new consumer segments. 
  • Nut company Nuts Original opted for premium indulgently-flavoured nut mixes as the perfect snack pairing for various drinks such as gin, beer and wine and recently added chickpeas to its snack range.

These companies are the perfect example of how to connect to growth trends and drive innovation in the market, succeeding in differentiating themselves from the competition and pursuing opportunities. You can have a look here if you would like to know more about our 10 Key Trends 2020:

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