Vitamin C top-of-mind for consumers looking for immune-boosting foods

In an attempt to defend themselves against the Covid-19 virus, consumers are on the look-out for immune-boosting foods to safeguard their bodies. As NNB reported earlier this month, consumers’ Google searches for foods that have an immune health benefit are soaring, with vitamin C top-of-mind for the health-seeking consumer.

But is that interest translating into purchases? Z Natural Foods, a provider of organic ‘superfoods’ and concentrated fruit powders in the US, recently released data on the eight most popular foods its customers are buying to boost their immune system. And – just as NNB’s analysis suggested – it’s clear that foods with a high vitamin C-content are a priority, with acerola cherries topping the list.

Jonathan Parker, director of nutrition sciences for Z Natural Foods, says: "These foods have a long history as being a remedy for the common cold, flu and in many cases much worse. It's no wonder these foods are so popular among our customers, who are especially concerned with boosting their body's natural defence system right now.”

The complete list is as follows (with a summary of Z Natural’s description of each product):

  • Acerola cherries (unripe) – one acerola cherry is said to have more vitamin C than an orange
  • Turmeric – known for its anti-inflammatory properties which can help bolster the immune system
  • Astragalus –some evidence that astragalus root extract may increase the production of immune-supporting white blood cells
  • Chaga mushroom – a medicinal mushroom said to “pack a punch” when it comes to its possible immune-system boosting health benefits
  • Amla fruit – a source of antioxidants
  • Goji berries –long used as a dietary supplement and medicinal herb for its immune-boosting properties
  • Maitake mushroom – popular thanks to its beta-glucan content
  • Nutritional Yeast Flakes – increasingly popular with vegan consumers as it is high in protein and rich in vitamin B and antioxidants



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