Successful dairy companies embrace the most powerful consumer trends

In food and beverage, the brands that make the best connections to the key growth trends are the most successful.

One of the best examples is US yoghurt brand Noosa. From the outset Noosa understood the growth opportunities and delivered on them:

Fat Reborn: Since its launch in 2010, Noosa has only ever sold full-fat yoghurts, never low-fat – recognising that a small but growing number of people are losing their fear of fat as emerging science shows that dairy fat is not harmful, and even seems to have positive health benefits.

Sugar: Noosa products were sweetened only with honey – which is the sweetener that consumers are most willing to accept.

Provenance & Authenticity: A trend of growing importance to consumers, and one in which “Australian-style” yoghurt Noosa was an early leader, hot on the heels of “Greek” and “Icelandic”.

The reward for being trend-connected? Noosa went from zero sales in 2010 to over $200 million by 2018.

And Noosa’s latest launch shows the company hasn't lost its touch. Its new ‘snack-size’ products connect it to the Snackification key trend, and to the brand’s three foundations: Australian-style; made with whole milk (5g-7g of fat per serve) and sweetened with cane sugar and honey.

The snack products also connect to these trends:

Protein: at 7g per 127ml serve

Digestive Wellness: “with live and active probiotic cultures”, providing a ‘good bacteria’ health halo

Permission to Indulge: indulgent with good texture and (despite 17g of sugar) only 130-150 calories per 127ml pot

Noosa thus connects its brand to seven of the 8 Key Dairy Nutrition Trends. And it does so in a way that’s natural and easy for the consumer to accept.

You can find these eight trends – and how companies can use them in their strategies – explained in a simple and practical way in our new report 8 Key Trends in Dairy Nutrition 2019: Strategies and Case Studies, which you can learn more about here.

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