Billionaires’ investments behind the push for plant-based?

The Washington Post runs an article in which people are told that eggs (and other animal foods) are harmful to their health.

Let’s put aside the fact that the science on which these statements are based is weak epidemiology from 30 years ago that has been debunked and now has no credibility. The readers commenting on the article seem to understand that (the reader comments below the article are worth reading and are better than the article, as is so often the case).

Let’s consider that the Washington Post, a journal of record, is encouraging its readers to reconsider eating eggs. Why not, it suggests, eat “egg whites or egg substitutes, including plant-based alternatives” which it promises are “tasty and satisfying”.

The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos (the Amazon guy).

Jeff Bezos is also an investor in NotCo, a company which sells plant-based substitutes to replace eggs – such as those used in mayonnaise. Bezos has at least one other investment in plant-based substitutes.

Of course, none of the facts above are connected and it would be entirely improper for anyone to suggest that they are.


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