December 2022
Strategies & Trends in Kids Nutrition 2023
PDF: 36 pages Powerpoint: 102 slides

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Launching a healthier kids nutrition product is one of riskiest things any company can do. It’s a crowded and challenging market and the failure rate is high. This report takes everything we have learned from our special focus on the kids market since 2004 and helps you to reduce your risk of failure – and maximise your chances of success.

It includes:

  • An 8-point checklist you can use to create a successful kids nutrition strategy
  • How to use a life-cycle analysis to work out where to best position your brand in the market – and what that means for your pricing strategy and volume targets.
  • The 7 Key Trends you can choose to follow to create a point of difference and achieve sales growth
  • 4 Mega-Trends that must form part of any strategy


Our checklist and trends are all illustrated with real-world examples of brands that have either achieved mainstream success or have carved out a niche – or failed.

Companies everywhere are facing 3-5 years of economic challenges, with recession, inflation, or both at the same time. That makes this report both timely and useful. We draw on:

  • Our 15+ years of expert consultancy in the kids nutrition sector
  • Our wealth of primary research, including interviews with hundreds of industry executives