March 2024
Foods for healthy aging: the growth opportunity for the next 20 years
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Nutrition for older consumers will be the biggest growth market for the next 20 years. Many companies have tried to crack the seniors market, with some success. Now, changing demographics mean there are many more opportunities. Consumers aged over 60 are becoming a more significant part of the population in every advanced economy in a way that’s unprecedented in human history. 

  • Europe is on the road to becoming an ‘old continent’, with 47% of the population aged over 50; Germany is on track for over-65s reaching 30% of the population.
  • Asia is aging too; China is on the way to having 28% of its population aged over 65 and in Thailand 21%.
  • The US Census describes the years after 2030 as a ‘transformative decade’ in which people aged 65 and older will outnumber children for the first time in American history.

There are many unmet consumer needs and multiple opportunities to deliver better taste, better ingredients and better nutrition to older consumers – all of which require both technical and marketing know-how. 

Companies can’t use the same strategies for this growing group as they use for younger consumers. Older consumers have characteristics which are quite different from younger consumers and there are some very specific steps you need to follow to successfully target the older consumer. 

We map these out in this report, drawing on our 25 years of hands-on experience helping companies to succeed in the healthy food & beverage market. It’s this experience and our very practical “how-to” focus that makes this report uniquely valuable.

This Strategy Briefing sets out, using clear graphics, charts and tables:

  • The five steps to creating and executing a successful seniors strategy.
  • The seven benefit platforms of most relevance to the older consumer, the risks and essentials of each one, and the categories in which there are growth opportunities.
  • Six case studies of brands targeting senior needs, from movement to cognition, what strategies they have adopted and the lessons learned from each one.

The report is available in both PDF and Powerpoint so that you can easily share the information with colleagues and customers.