April 2018
Strategies in healthy snacking
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Snackification has become one of the biggest drivers of change and opportunity in the food industry. Snacking, mini-meals and food on-the-go are at the centre of consumer preferences, with novelty-seeking consumers willing to try out new tastes, new ingredients and new product types.

Thanks to innovation by both start-ups and big brands, people can buy snack types that would have been almost unimaginable five or 10 years ago. And they are willing to pay a premium if they taste good.

The opportunities in healthy snacking are huge – but so are the challenges. A proliferation of new brands and new products has made the snacking space intensely competitive and the fight for shelf-space is tougher than ever.

This report sets out the 10 practical strategies that any company, large or small, can use to make a success in healthy snacking.

The strategies are illustrated by 15 detailed case studies.