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Our case studies focus on brands and products that provide lessons from real challenges and opportunities which you can use to inform business strategy. They are packed with detail including brand portfolio, pricing, and communications and marketing strategy, merchandising and distribution, and come with a check list of key lessons learned.

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Published: April 2019

Case study: The Coconut Collaborative

After eight successful years with dessert brand Gü, James Averdieck entered the plant-based market and launched The Coconut Collaborative together with his brother Edward in 2014. The brand sells over $13m worth of it's coconut-based yoghurts and desserts every year, and launched in the US in early 2018. 

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Published: November 2017

Case Study: The Collective

The Collective was founded in New Zealand by the experienced entrepreneurs and chefs Angus Allan and Ofer Stenhav, whose aim was to “create an extraordinary yoghurt with an unbeatable taste”. The brand quickly became popular in New Zealand and the UK, with annual sales growing steadily over the past few years.

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Published: January 2019

Case study: ThinkThin

In the 19 years since launch, ThinkThin has grown to become a $180 million brand by selling high-protein and low-sugar products aimed at women. 

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Published: September 2019

Case study: Tribe

Vegan sports nutrition brand Tribe has been around for less than four years but is already available in over 4,500 retailers across the UK and is aiming to become Europe's biggest sports nutrition brand by 2025. 

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Published: July 2019

Case study: TrooFoods

Founded in 2016, TrooFoods started as a brand of luxurious, healthy granola. But the founders soon realised that this was not enough for the business to take off, and TrooFoods today market their granola on a digestive wellness platform while offering gut health tests through a cooperation with Carbiotix. 

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Published: August 2018

Case Study: True Fruits

As a pioneer in the German RTD smoothie market, True Fruits have managed to maintain their competitive advantage and grow sales by over 100,000% since the launch in 2006. The range has been extended to include also smoothie bowls, targeting Millennials in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

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Published: October 2017

Case Study: Vitamin Manager

Vitamin Manager offers home delivery subscriptions of vitamins, oils, minerals, boosters and herbal extracts tailored to consumers' personal needs

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Published: October 2018

Case Study: Vitamin Well

With the aim to bring out a healthier alternative to soda and sweet juices, Vitamin Well launched in Sweden in 2008 and has today grown into a company with over $110 million in sales. Only between 2016 and 2017, the company saw a sales increase of more than 100%.

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Published: June 2018

Case Study: Yooli

Created by Yuliya Flynn, a former attorney who wanted to introduce Americans to a favourite food from her childhood in Kazakhstan, Yooli farmer’s cheeses are 99% lactose free, high protein cross between cottage cheese and ricotta.

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Published: November 2018

Case study: Yumbutter

With unique, convenient packaging Yumbutter has taken a well-known consume-at-home product and turned it into a convenient snack. The seven year old start-up today offers seven different types of nut- and seed butters, and grew its retailer prescence by over 400% in 2016-2017. 

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